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Airway Scope AWS-S200

A video laryngoscope developed for safer and more dependable tracheal intubation.
Especially effective when dealing with cases where intubation is made difficult by the patient's condition.
Attach and use with various NK PBLADE (ITL-SL, ITL-TL, ITL-PL, ITL-NL).
A successor to the AWS S-100, made lighter for higher usability.
Realizes smooth intubation - simply aim the on-screen cross-hair on the glottis.
Can be sterilized with alcohol or cidex.
A video output port allows the user to connect to a larger monitor, making it suitable for education or documentation.
Runs for approx. one hour on AA batteries.
Special carry bag for transportation also fits various NK PBLADE and tubes.

Line of sight
Angle View 80°
Light LED
Sensor CMOS
Screen size 2.4 inch / Color LCD
Interface / output Micro USB
Water proof level IPX7
Power source 3V, AA x2
Battery Performance 1hour
Size H290xW80xD66mm
Weight 235g (without battery and PBLADE)
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